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Tutorials & presentations

Webscraping with RSelenium

A tutorial on performing webscraping with RSelenium, 100+ slides.

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Webscraping with RSelenium (short)

A shorter version of the RSelenium tutorial, ~40 slides.

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Good practices for research with R

A small list of what I consider to be good practices for reproducible research with R, ~40 slides. Get PDF

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Handling large data with polars and tidypolars

A brief introduction (not a tutorial) to the Python and R packages polars and tidypolars, ~30 slides.

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Bindings for rust-polars in R. Built to be very similar to the python-polars API.

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Get the functionalities of Polars with the syntax of the tidyverse in R.

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Use docute, docsify or mkdocs to create a website for your R package.

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This package allows to easily add tooltips to HTML elements in R Shiny applications. It uses hint.css under the hood.

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Create tours in R Shiny applications using shepherd.js.

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R-JS adaptation

A list of all Javascript libraries adapted in R.

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Use screenfull.js to put HTML elements in fullscreen in R Shiny applications.

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